Housing Authority Board of Commission

Roles and Responsibilities

The Housing Commissioner’s responsibilities are the governance of the authority, the oversight responsibilities, fiduciary obligations and financial viability. Commissioners are charged with ensuring fairness in the administration of the Housing Authority policies. They ensure compliance with all federal laws and HUD guidelines. Commissioners also communicate with the community regarding their needs, concerns, and successes. Commissioners must be aware of and follow housing regulations to the letter. Commissioners approve, review, and monitor budgets, contracts, and other financial documents. Commissioners review, monitor, and approve Housing policies and grievances. They also conduct monthly reviews of budgets with actual expenses and revenues. The leadership and service of an involved and committed board of Commissioners are essential for meeting the housing needs of low-income tribal members.
The Housing Authority Board of Commission consists of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and 4 officers. A majority of the full Commission consisting of 7 members, but not less than three Commissioners, notwithstanding the existence of any vacancies, shall constitute a quorum, but no action shall be taken by a vote of less than a majority of such full Board. Regular attendance at meetings is critical to the effective operation of the Commission. Although absences due to illness or absences with prior permission of the Board of Commissioners will occur, a pattern of repeated absences or three consecutive absences from regular meetings can result in a recommendation for removal.

The Board of Commission meets on the third Monday of each month.
To speak directly with one of the Commissioners above or for further Commission information,
contact Katie Waldie at (906) 495-1450 or email housing@saulttribe.net