Good Maintenance Workers have an eye for detail.

They are willing to put in initiative when needed, like fixing things they see in need of repair before it becomes a major concern.
If given the chance thank your local maintenance workers for all their hard work. 

Complete the form below if you have a service request that requires assistance with maintenance.

Sault Tribe Housing Authority Maintenance Service Request

Citizens Request Center

If you have a maintenance emergency, please see information below.

After Hours Maintenance and Emergency
The Sault Tribe Housing Authority provides STHA residents with a 24-hour maintenance phone line listed below.
This toll-free number is forwarded after hours, weekends and holidays to the STHA staff on call.

Emergency Phone Line: (855)205-2840

The following situations justify an after-hours emergency and will be addressed promptly by STHA Maintenance Staff:

Toilets: If there is only one bathroom, in the unit, and the toilet is plugged or not working.
Furnaces: No heat, furnace/boiler is not working.
Gas Smell/Leak: Any time that the tenant thinks there is a gas leak or there is a gas smell.
Applicance Repairs: If a refrigerator is not working it, is an emergency. All other appliances wait until the following business day.
Sewer Back Up: Any time there is a sewer back up. 
Supply Lines/Water Leaks: Any time there is a broken line or pipes are broken.
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms: If a tenant calls and reports that smoke alarms and/or a carbon monoxide detector is going off in the unit.
Electrical: When resident notices smoke, or sparks coming from an electrical fixture or plug in.
Water Heaters: Not having hot water is NOT an emergency. However, if the water heater is leaking, this is an emergency. The water leak will be addressed.