Service Programs


INCOME BASED RENTAL — The Income based Rental Program provides 400+ rental units on 9 housing sites across the seven county service areas. Families are selected utilizing a selection criterion and must meet NAHASDA income guidelines. Rent is based on 27.5% of the family’s adjusted gross income.  

RENTAL ASSISTANCE VOUCHER PROGRAM — The Rental Assistance Voucher Program provides rental subsidies to income qualified, working families or families with steady income. The family is subsidized not the unit. Families are required to pay 27.5% of their adjusted gross income to the landlord and the voucher will pay the rest up to fair market rent. 

LEASE TO PURCHASE — The Lease to Purchase Program is leasing with the option to purchase. This program is designed to have the home paid off in 15-30 years. Payments are based on the value of the home. No down payment required, participant may go to a lending facility and purchase the home outright anytime during the contract.  

EMERGENCY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE — The Emergency Financial Assistance is administered through Anishnaabek Community and Family Services (ACFS). This program provides up to $750 on a yearly basis for families to assist with payment of security deposit and first month’s rent, to stop an eviction and prevent foreclosure. 

OWNER OCCUPIED REHAB — The Owner-Occupied Rehab program assists Sault Tribe members, living in the seven-county service area, to provide replacement of substandard heating systems and water heaters. Each eligible member selected could receive up to $6,500 once in a lifetime.
HOME REHABILITATION PROGRAM — The Home Rehabilitation Program assists Sault Tribe members, living in the seven-county service area, that privately own their homes. Each eligible member may receive a grant within approved budget amounts for the weatherization services, roof repair or replacement and rehabilitation services.  

HOME IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM — The Home Improvement Program provides funding through the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to assist Sault Tribe members in need of repairs and renovation to off reservation homes in the tribe’s seven-county service area. The goal is to provide housing for the neediest Indian families having substandard housing and have no other recourse for assistance.  

SANITATION — The Sanitation Services program will assist Sault Tribe members, living in the seven-county service area, and will provide, through Indian Health Services (IHS), for individual water and sewer services. Each eligible member selected could receive up to $50,500 for both water and sewer; this program is a once-in-a-lifetime service.  

DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE — The Down Payment Assistance Program assists Sault Tribe members living in the seven county service areas to become homeowners of a structurally sound home for the first time. Each member selected could receive up to $9,500.00 or 20% of the purchase price.  The member must contribute $500 of their personal funds.  

INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNTS — The Individual Development Program provides Sault Tribe members living in the tri-county service area the opportunity to become homeowners through a slower track to their goal. Each participant is required to attend monthly classes that cover personal finance and money management and credit repair. Each participant must save at least $75 per month over a one to three-year period; the Housing Authority matches the applicant's contribution bringing the total to $10,000 to use for closing costs or down payment.  
HOMEOWNERSHIP SERVICES — The Homeownership Department provides counseling and resources in efforts to reach goals of homeownership. The department provides information on mortgage products, assistance with credit repair and advocates on behalf of tribal members with banks and credit unions.